Technical Council

The Technical Council is the scientific heart of the Association. Nearly 1,000 members participate in Council activities. These members voluntarily offer their expertise to develop programs for the effective exchange of information on all facets of environmental management.

The Council provides the technical expertise to: determine and produce the technical programs at annual meetings; determine and produce the technical programs for specialty conferences and workshops; report on state-of-the-art technology and on environmental issues; and peer-review articles and publications.

The Council is divided into three groups: Air, Environmental Management, and Waste. The groups are comprised of 12 divisions and one inter-committee task force. These divisions are further divided into technical coordinating committees (TCCs), the workhorses of the Council. (Some committees maintain their own Web sites. Links are provided below for any such sites.) It is at this level that members are rewarded with the most opportunities for technical and managerial exchange.

The Council's administering committee oversees this structure. This committee is composed of the Council chair and vice chair, the group coordinators, and the division chairs. The division vice chairs are ex officio members of the committee. Committee membership is open to the entire Association membership. To become involved in one or more of the TCCs, contact the appropriate TCC Chair.

The Committee Mission Statements are also available.