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Air & Waste Management Association Career Center

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Search Consultants International, Inc.

PPG Industries, Inc.

ECO Canada:



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TRC Solutions

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Air & Waste Management Association Career Center

Institute of Clean Air Companies (See "Career Opportunities")

American Society Civil Engineers Career Connections


AAEE Career Center

AEESP (Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors)


Careers and Internships at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection|

Careers at the Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Expert

Environmental Protection (See "New Employment")

Environmental Careers

"Green Dream Jobs"

Oberlin's list of Green Jobs Websites


"What Can I do with my Major?"

Additional Websites:

The WorldWatch Institute

The Environmental News Network

A National Directory of Environmental Organizations:

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (provides general trends and salaries)

MacRae's Blue Book - a resource for buyers which provides a comprehensive listing of companies that provide environmental consulting services and environmental equipment, etc