A&WMA's Commitment to Scouting

Boy Scouts of America 100th Anniversary Jamboree

July 26 - August 4, 2010

In 2010 the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) will celebrate the 100th anniversary of scouting. Every four years, the BSA organizes a Jamboree the gathers 30,000+ Boy Scouts at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia.

The Air & Waste Management Association has been an active exhibitor in the previous Jamborees and will once again be hosting the very popular "Environment's Gateway" exhibit where scouts are taught about air quality, environmental and waste management, and the importance that it holds in our world today.

A&WMA invites you to get involved in this extraordinary program with the goal of educating the young minds that are tomorrow's future!

Be a part of this historical event by volunteering or sponsoring!


Become a sponsor of A&WMA's participation at the Jamboree by donating funds for the A&WMA commemorative hat pins, T-shirts, and other give-a-ways that will provide memories for years to come for the scouts that attend the A&WMA exhibit!

To donate just download a sponsorship brochure or click here to donate online.


A&WMA is looking for volunteers who can go on-site and help educate and talk to the scouts about the importance of air quality, environmental and waste management issues, and how they can play a positive environmental role in their local communities.

If you want to volunteer, please send your name and contact information to Jim Ryckman at jim.ryckman@wpafb.af.mil or Tom Herman at herman@zeonchemicals.com.


For more information on A&WMA's participation in the Jamboree contact the A&WMA Scouting Jamboree Committee POCs:  Jim Ryckman, Chair, phone: 937-257-0093, e-mail: jim.ryckman@wpafb.af.mil, or Tom Herman, Vice Chair, phone: 502-775-7719, e-mail: herman@zeonchemicals.com.

Please sign up to volunteer or sponsor by April 15, 2010.


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