Understanding Air Quality Outreach Products

Understanding Air Quality Slide Show Presentation

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Teachers, students of varying levels (college and junior- and senior-high), environmental groups, and other civic organizations can use this slide show to learn more about how air pollution is generated, why it is a problem, and the solutions available to treat it.

Understanding Air Quality Outreach Kit CD-ROM

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Now available on one convenient CD - the popular Understanding Air Quality slide show complete in the Adobe Acrobat format. More than 60 high-quality slides, accompanied by an informative script, clearly explain the causes and potential solutions for various forms of air pollution. As a bonus, this CD-ROM features EPA and NC State's "Ozone: Double Trouble", a 17-min. video in the .avi format for Windows. The Acrobat slide show can be viewed in the slides-only or slides-with-notes modes. Developed by members of the A&WMA Education Council/Public Education Division. Click here to view this product's Table of Contents.