Public Education

Teacher Training Program

According to numerous environmental education experts, environmental professionals, such as A&WMA members, are one of the key stakeholders in the environmental education process. A&WMA's Teacher Training Program provides members with numerous opportunities to train kindergarten through twelfth grade teachers, and even college professors about air and water quality.

Launched in 1991 under the direction of A&WMA's Education Council's Public Education Division, this multi-award winning Teacher Training Program now includes:

  • A QuikTutor Kit for planning the teacher workshop
  • A Presenter's Manual for implementing the workshop
  • Environmental Resource Guide (ERG) curriculum series for teachers

The ERG series is available in two volumes and is published in individual units for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. The ERG-Air Quality series explores the criteria pollutants, acid rain, depletion of the ozone layer, indoor pollutants, particulate matter, etc. through a series of hands-on activities. The ERG-Non-Point Source Pollution Prevention addresses the inter-relationship among land, water, and air, including environmental effects of runoff from agricultural, forestry, mining, and urban sources.

It is important to note that each ERG was reviewed by A&WMA members and other experts to ensure technical accuracy and unbiased information.

Public Information and Outreach

To assist Sections and Chapters with their outreach efforts, the Public Education Division has developed an Understanding Air Quality slide show, which is also available as an Understanding Air Quality Outreach Kit in a CD ROM format. By combining an informative script with stimulating images, these tools can help your audience learn what air pollution is, how it is generated, why it is a problem, and what solutions are available. This presentation is effective in educating community members, teachers, students (junior and senior high school/college level), environmental groups, civic organizations, etc.

In addition, the Association's two information booklets are an ideal way to address environmental problems during education sessions with schools, community groups, and other non-technical audiences.

Air Pollution Information Book covers indoor air pollution, acid rain, global climate change, and other topics. Recommends strategies that everyone can use to help improve the quality of the air we breathe are also included, along with a glossary.

Pollution Prevention for Our Land, Water & Air Information Book uses illustrations and examples to describe the links among land, water, and air pollution; explains why we need to take pollution prevention measures; and identifies how each of us can contribute to this effort.

For more information about how you and your Section or Chapter can participate in the Teacher Training Program, contact the Education Programs Coordinator at the Home Office. To order public education materials, contact the A&WMA Publications Order Department at 800-275-5851 or +1-412-741-1288.

Program Proposals

Most Association programs and activities have been member inspired. The Association encourages its members to propose projects or activities not already conducted by the Association or its units. To propose a program or project, contact the Technical Programs Manager at Home Office +1-412-2323444 or visit the Web site at