In addition to specialty conferences, the Association sponsors two-day workshops offered several times each year throughout the United States with Sections and Chapters serving as the local hosts. Workshops provide in-depth, practical information on federal and state regulatory requirements, and other pertinent emerging environmental issues and new technologies. Workshops are an excellent opportunity for environmental professionals to exchange technical and managerial information on local, national, and international issues.

Each workshop assembles leading experts into an interactive forum that encourages extensive question and answer exchange. They feature a faculty of leading experts and often include representation from the US Environmental Protection Agency and the appropriate state and local government agencies.

The programs translate complex regulatory provisions into business compliance strategies through expert presentations, real-life case studies, and experience shared by practitioners and regulatory agency staff. In addition, many workshops conclude with a panel discussion by leading authorities from industry, state, and local government agencies. Workshop participants have the opportunity to pose their questions directly to experts in compliance assurance, local legal counsel, and federal and state regulators who are responsible for program implementation.

For more information about participating in or hosting an A&WMA workshop, contact the Technical Programs Manager at +1-412-232-3444.