Ordering an Article

Members can access the online archive back to 1997. Click back issues or search from the menu on the left.

Reprints (photocopies) of articles and papers published by A&WMA may be purchased for $15.00 (A&WMA members) or $20.00 (nonmembers). Shipping Charges (per paper) are $2.50 for deliveries to the U.S. and Canada, and $5.50 for all others.

The following items are available through the Air & Waste Management Association's publications department:*

  • manuscripts published in the Journal
  • articles published in EM Magazine
  • individual manuscripts published in A&WMA conference proceedings
  • individual manuscripts from previous Annual Meetings

*Reprints of articles/manuscripts are subject to availability.

To order, or if you have any questions, contact:

Nancy Bernheisel
Publications Coordinator
Phone: +1-412-904-6027
email: nbernheisel@awma.org